The modern woman no longer just wants to look good. Every piece of clothing and accessory she puts on has to reflect her lifestyle, her beliefs, and brings out the confidence in her.

That’s the challenge that Gin Lee, Singapore designer and founder of GINLEE Studio, took on when she started in Tel Aviv six years ago. With the aim to create clothes that allow busy women to both work and dance comfortably in, Gin Lee now runs the award-winning label with sister Georgie Lee in Israel and Singapore.

We dived deep into understanding what goes into defining fashion for women of today.

Congratulations on winning Emerging Designer of the Year at the Singapore Fashion Awards 2016! How do you feel about getting this recognition?

The award felt like a huge pat on our shoulders that came at a time when we needed the encouragement the most. We’re in a tough business and getting this recognition really motivated us to be remain resilient.


How did you get started in Tel Aviv?

Despite my experience as a fashion designer, companies in Israel were skeptical about hiring foreigners as they presumed we did not understand the local market. It was then that I decided if no one wants to hire me, I will hire myself.

How is running a fashion label in Singapore different from Israel?

They are poles apart. Businesses in Israel operate in a more casual and personal way as people prefer human interaction. In Singapore, communication is more formal and done mostly through emails and WhatsApp.

GINLEE Studio is built on the value of being true to yourself. What does being true to yourself mean to you?

We often feel compelled to conform to society’s norms for how we should look, how we should be, what we should own by certain age, and so on. Staying true to myself means to feel good and strong in my own skin without having to mould myself into the successful woman image defined by the society.

In fact, our SS18 collection that debuted during Singapore Fashion Week was inspired by my own daily imperfections – crumpled sheets that I wake up to, creased marks caused by bag straps… it pokes fun at the stereotype that designers should always look perfect.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Who is your dream woman to dress?

If I could dream… Phoebe Philo. She is so talented and I’d love to meet her in person!

What’s your thought process when styling Anothersole x GINLEE?

We wanted to showcase Anothersole as part of our hectic work schedule to highlight its versatility and comfort. We styled it with our Unity Jacket (on Georgie), Snow Top and Wave Trousers (on myself) at the Singapore Fashion Week.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Choose one word to describe your pair of Anothersole.


Finally, what’s the most important advice you would like to give women out there?

Be true to yourself. Confidence is perhaps the most attractive quality that shines inside out.

We couldn’t agree more. Thanks for pairing Anothersole with such timeless and beautiful clothes! SS18 collection is out now at GINLEE Studio. Ladies, go grab ‘em!

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Georgie is wearing Trixie Silver and on Gin Lee is our Sienna Lamb.

*Shop Anothersole here.

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