Fash may be just 26 years old, but she has already competed in multiple major boxing competitions including the SEA Games, taught in a pre-school for 6 years, and is now a trainer at Spartans Boxing Gym – all while pursuing a degree in Early Childhood and Education! This go-getter knows what she wants and she’ll (literally) fight her way to achieve it.

The Singapore national bantamweight boxer doesn’t just love boxing, she wants to inspire women to pick up the sport too. We caught up with Fash and quickly learnt that this girl could kick your ass in the ring yet rock a dress off it.


What first attracted you to boxing?

I wasn’t attracted to boxing initially. I picked it up to improve my punches as I was doing Muay Thai back then. Surprisingly, I stuck to it because of the adrenaline rush and the challenge it gives. I love how the sport pushes me to my limit. And of course, it’s an honour to share the same sport as the boxing legend, Muhammad Ali.

How do you prepare for a competition?

There are a lot of things to prepare mentally, emotionally and physically. My training consists of technical, strength and conditioning training, which gets emotionally and mentally draining as it gets more intensive every day. And the weight cut doesn’t make it easier. However, as the going gets tough, the tough gets going.


It’s not easy to pursue an unorthodox career path. What keeps you going?

My passion for the sport and the desire to be a better boxer. I don’t want to regret in the future for not pursuing what I love. The rest can wait.

What has boxing taught you over the years?

Life and boxing pretty much intertwine. Both have one thing in common – grit. Success revolves around the disposition of resilience, determination and hard work.

bikeWhat’s your ultimate goal for your boxing career?

I don’t really have an ultimate goal. I box because I love it. But I believe I’m destined for greatness, so whatever challenges boxing brings me, I’m down for it.

However, one of my main goals is to create more awareness for female boxing in Singapore. As there are not many female boxers, I hope to inspire women to pick up boxing and show that the sport is for women too. It would be nice to groom a team of female boxers in Singapore.

What can people expect when they first start out?

You come for training, be consistent and you’ll realise things start to change positively. Your stamina will increase, you’ll get stronger, you’ll be more determined to learn more, and you’ll be able to do things that you once thought you couldn’t – for instance, pushups. There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Fash Action2

To you, what does it mean to be a strong woman?

A strong woman is not defined by her physical ability, but someone who is not afraid to do what she loves, not afraid to be different from others, and not afraid to stand up for herself and others. She bounces back in tough times, empowers others and values selflessness.

How would you describe your fashion style off the ring?

I wear whatever I feel like wearing. However, I’m very influenced by the Japanese minimalist style, so I would usually go for versatile pieces that are strong enough on their own. When I want to be subtle, I can pair it with Anothersole shoes. If I’m feeling bold, I can pair it with sneakers, boots or heels.


After wearing Anothersole for a few weeks, what do you think about them?

They’re light, comfy and very versatile. I can wear them with a dress or jeans and shirt – basically, anything at all since they come in so many designs. I have two pairs, Lucie Doe and a metallic pair. Lucie Doe has a classic look to it, so it can be worn in many different occasions. On days that I want to stand out, metallic is the way to go.

What advice would you give to women who want to pursue their passion?

Don’t be afraid. Take that leap of faith. However, don’t do it blindly. Be sure to have the right people to help and guide you, make contingency plans and most importantly, know your goals. Along the way, you might find it pointless to carry on, but stay strong and keep going. Be a diamond in the rough!

Catch Fash in action at The Roar of Singapore III – “The Chosen Wan” on 20th October 2017 against the Thailand team. Book tickets here: https://tinyurl.com/FashROSG3

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Joleen is a storyteller of brands and humans. She is really good at writing, just not about herself in the third person. When she is not hunched over her laptop, she is probably climbing a wall or a tree.

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