Our search for successful women in Singapore led us to the lovely founder and designer of Weekend Sundries – a homegrown label that puts a fun twist in minimalistic fashion. Combining style and comfort, Michelle has managed to sacrifice neither for chic unfettered living.

So we picked the brain of this double degree Brown University grad to learn about her creative process and philosophy behind the label. What she shared proved that fashion goes beyond the aesthetics.

What’s your inspiration behind Weekend Sundries?                                                        

My inspiration for Weekend Sundries springs from many things. But most importantly, it comes from a deep acknowledgement that we can find simple beauty rooted in the most commonplace and familiar things around us.

Indeed when we slow down and pay more attention to everyday things, we’ll find many beautiful things in corners we’d never expect. How do you think fashion affects a woman?                                                                                                                            

In a world that tries so hard to be polished and perfect, I think fashion can offer women personal moments of respite – to accept their authentic self and ask themselves what truly makes them feel amazing.

DSC_0018Yes, it’s really important to wear clothes that reflects your true self. And who would love to wear your label?                                                                                                      

Women who exude a quiet confidence and who stay curious. They love comfort, quality and a sense of ease in the clothes they wear.

With your experience as an entrepreneur and insider of the local fashion world, what do you hope to see more in Singapore’s fashion industry?                                

More collaboration among local brands, as well as regular sessions for inclusive dialogue on the realities of running a local fashion label in Singapore.

We’d like to know your thoughts about footwear too. Heels or flats?                        


DSC_1369How does Anothersole complement Weekend Sundries?                                                      

I think we both relish a sense of wonder and adventure, yet also find equal pleasure in curling up with a good read. The Weekend Sundries x Anothersole outfit is a seamless style pairing that offers practicality, comfort and awareness of values for the modern woman.

Which is your favourite Weekend Sundries x Anothersole outfit pairing?                  

Our Diagonal Dress (which comes in Grey, Blush and Black) has a touch of soft geometry and it creates a languid movement around the body when worn. The dress goes perfectly paired with Anothersole’s Azalea White Floral.


We love how well the Diagonal Dress goes with the Azalea White Floral too! Finally, could you leave us with your favourite quote of all time.                                        

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” – Anne Lamott

A gentle reminder to be kind to yourself. Some things can’t be rushed and a little breathing space goes a long way.

That’s a great reminder. Thanks for the insightful chat, Michelle! We had so much fun on the Weekend Sundries x Anothersole style collaboration. And we’re also excited to see Weekend Sundries at Singapore Fashion Week. Michelle has just been selected as one of Singapore’s Fashion Futures and will be showcasing her collection- simple lines designed to give ease and comfort for the modern woman- made of lightweight Japanese fabric. Here’s more on Weekend Sundries and their beautiful designs.

To more inspirational fashion ahead!

*Shop Anothersole here.

Posted by:Joleen Lee

Joleen is a storyteller of brands and humans. She is really good at writing, just not about herself in the third person. When she is not hunched over her laptop, she is probably climbing a wall or a tree.

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